Friday, April 9, 2010

Aloha Friday/Friday Follow #1

My brain hurts this week, so I decided to take it easy today and join Aloha Friday over at An Island Life. Aloha Friday is the day we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So, I am going to ask a simple question that doesn't require too much thinking (plus I really need help with this one!).

My question is:

If your child is asked on a play date with a child and parents that are new to you do you let them go? Do you meet the parents first?

My answer: I don't have one yet. This is just starting to come up with my girls and I am just not comfortable letting them go. I need help to figure out how to stay protective, but let my girls have a life.

It is also Friday Follow time! I would love if you would follow my blog - just let me know. I will be sure to return the favor!!

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  1. Hi Lydia - I'm here from NFF :) Nice to meet you!

    Come and visit when you get a chance.


  2. Visiting from Friday Follow...I'm your newest follower! Love for you to come visit and follow me!

    Have a great weekend :)

    Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

    And as for your previous 10yo daughter is IN LOVE with Justin Bieber!!

  3. Meet the parents first, I tend to stay the first time. Even then thing aren't as they appear. going through that now with my daughters boyfriends parents ie: Drinking and driving, leaving the kids alone at home, not picking them up when they are suppose to, leaving them stranded(I go to get them) just irresponsible parents. It is a very unsettling feeling.
    My Fridays Links for you. This time I have two, Introducing a new type of blog "On The Go". and then AF on my At Home my family blog

  4. AAAHHHH!!! She's back on entrecard. Look out :)
    It's been awhile since my kids have had play-dates but, when they did and I did not know the parents, yes I would be involved in some way.

    Have a great Friday!

  5. We would always meet new friends and parents at a park or something for us all to play together until we got to know them well enough to let our young'uns go with them.

    I hopped over from New Friend Friday and am so happy that I did! Hope to see you back at my place sometime soon when you get a moment. I have become a follower and hope that you will do the same. Happy Weekend!

  6. New follower here. I'm not a mommy, but I'm a madwoman on the verge nonetheless. I teach parenting, and I would recommend meeting the parents first.

    Hmm, never thought of the similarities between Justin and Sean. I had a crush on Sean too back in the day. Both boys give off a similarly feminine vibe.


  7. Hey Happy FF!
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  8. Yeah, I like to meet them and stay for a bit chatting. And I make the first visit like an hour or two--I figure they can't do too much damage in that time. I'd make it shorter if I had a bad vibe after the meeting.

    You gotta let go at some point. Age is also a huge factor in this one.

  9. I would NEVER let my child play at someones house that I don't know. I am actually a little crazy about this but its because I have seen too many bad things happen with uncles, brothers, etc. I say make your house the coolest place to play or invite them to go to the park together where you can be with them too.

  10. Hi, am here from Aloha Friday. So to your question, hemmm.. if ever I have a child right now (am exposed to children and to teenagers and it feels like I already have a child), I would love to let them go but I would like to meet or know who they will go with. If ever, it's on emergency or somewhat like sometimes or emergency and I trust my child/ren perhaps I let them go for a change. :)

    Have a great day! Stop-by at
    My Aloha Friday sometimes.. ~hugs~

  11. By the way, I followed you in Google Friend Connect and Twitter. :)

  12. I'm your newest follower from FF. Can't wait to read more, stop by my blog sometime! Happy FF!


  13. I would have to be there on the play date and also get to know these parents for quite awhile before I trust my child to them.

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog

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    Have a great weekend!

  15. I think when they're little and your don't know the parents, its best to meet up in a neutral location where you can both stick around and get to know each other, like a park or something. You could always have the playdate at your house too and eliminate the problem.

  16. Thanks for the Friday Follow! I'm following you back now!

    Micael :)

  17. Maybe it's the four kids and the twenty years, but I relish any chance to throw them out of the house.

    And I laugh when the my sons'teenage friends' moms call to make sure I'm going to be here while they entertain.

  18. Came by to see if you had a Wordless Wed. Up - but never answered this post yet.

    I def. meet the parents first and more then half the time - I go over to the people's house on the play date. Or where ever they are having it. Sometimes its not fun for the parents, but I guess good for the kids.


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