Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Next Generation In Coupons

Being that I have six mouths to feed, I am HUGE into coupons. I started out with a small file box and tried to organize them that way. Then I started reading all the wonderful blogs and websites out there about how to maximize my savings and progressed to a full binder with my coupons.

I am by no means like those ladies you see on T.V. that go in and spend $120.00 and get their final bill for $.55 cents. That just isn't realistic for my family. I saved the most ever this weekend and it was $13.00. That is a new all time record for me!

But now, I am completely amazed at technology and how far it has come! Recently, I posted about an iPhone application that drives me crazy! Now I have found some that are amazing.

Did you know that you can buy an App that lets you have coupons on your phone that you just show to the cashier and they scan them???? I am using one called mobiQpons and it is so cool. It takes your location and pulls up the stores around you that are using this new technology. I have Target, Office Depot, Carter's, The Children's Place and Ulta to name a few.

I have to admit it is taking time for me to remember that it is even there on my phone. But, when I do remember it is saving me more $$ and I love it!



  1. I don't have an iPhone, but many of the apps are coming out for Droid too. I checked my phone and I have 4 apps available from mobiqpons so I will have to check them out.

  2. That might actually be a coupon I could remember! I cut them out, and they sit on the counter until they expire. My iPhone, however, never leaves my sight.

  3. That is just the neatest thing ever! Now I wish I had an iPhone!

  4. I did know that and it's so stinkin cool! I have a Droid and haven't bothered to look for the app yet but thanks for the reminder.

  5. I need an iPhone! I have something for you on my blog :)

  6. Wow. Makes me wish I had a more modern cell phone. I'm just glad mine has a little key board thingie, nevermind high tech gadgets that create scannable coupons. That's awesome. I've been clipping as well and it is work remembering what coupons I have or even when I should use them. I do end up using quite a few coupons at BJs, it helps, especially when your bill is nearly $200 every stinking time. Seriously, my kids can eat. ;)

  7. Oh no. You just gave me another reason to consider an iphone. Maybe with this one, I can convince the hubs...heehee.

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