Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Spring Ahead


I hate Spring.

I am still looking for that hour of sleep I lost. Has anybody seen it?

Daylight Savings Time is a Mother's worst nightmare. I mean, really? Do we need to screw up a child sleeping schedule that we have worked so hard to get down since the last time the clocks changed?

I have realized that I really like the Easter bunny. His job is SO much easier than Santa.

Spring around here is just confusing. It could be 70 degrees one day and snowing the next. Can we just skip it all together and just go to Summer?

My kids are a real pain in the ass during Spring. The first warm day of the season and they expect me to have a brand new Summer wardrobe for them. Hey, kid....it's gonna snow tomorrow!

I really hate the expression, "April showers bring May flowers". Last time I checked rain in any month brought flowers.

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  1. I hate daylight savings. I don't know how long it's been since we sped up the clocks, but just thinking about it makes me angry. Stupid DST.

    Around here, April showers bring more weeds than flowers. But that doesn't exactly rhyme.

    Happy Tuesday. :)

  2. I hate daylight savings. I enjoy the fall, but spring is definitely not worth it. In our house, the Easter Bunny has it tough. He has to hide eggs all over the place and then remember where they are hidden so the dog doesn't get them.

  3. I hate the time change thing too! It seems to get harder and harder just for me to get my sleep back on track. We lived in AZ for about 8 years and they don't have daylight savings they are so smart. I also don't like how when spring gets here I have to all the stuff inside and out. I don't have the extra time. Thanks I feel so much better now getting all that off my chest.

  4. I can't stand daylight savings either. Especially when my kids were younger and twice a year I got to look forward to having their sleep schedules completely screwed up.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  5. No, we don't need to mess with our kids' sleeping schedules. But we do, every year, for totally antiquated reasons.

  6. I'm still looking for that hour too. If you find it let me know as well.

    Kids! That's all I've got to say about that. It's just all about them.

    Have a terrific day and I hope you see sunshine all day long. :)

  7. You are back! I bet you have been back for a while and it just took me so long to find out.

    Daylight savings time messes me up too but I've adjusted pretty well this year.

  8. I hate day light savings also!!!!!!!!! and Spring here is just as you explained it! infact yesterday it was 60 here and today it is windy and snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and again by Thursday it shows 60 degrees again!!! WTF? know wonder half my kids have colds!!! we are on Spring break right now so the weather really sucks!!!!! :( Although what I do like about spring is my tulips come up and my oldest son was born this month, I LOVED having a baby in the spring here in Utah!! I was not sweating to death during the pregnancy and also it got warm soon so that we were not cooped up in the house and the flu season was over with! :)

  9. I LOVE the time change. I hated when it was dark at 6. But, its about 90 degrees here and has been for a week...so I also don't have the weird weather. I hate spring because of all the pollen and allergies! :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now. 4 girls. Ahhhhhhh. I am 1 of 4 girls as well :-) I only have 1 girl with 3 boys and she is MORE than enough! I give you props!!! I don't know how my Mom and Dad ever did it...I have a special place in my heart for people who have all girls. hehe

  11. Spring is not here either... Actually more snow again today!

  12. I actually like DST this time of year, because I love how it stays lighter at night, the Fall one not so much.

    Spring can be crazy weather though - tomorrow is going to be 80 here!

    Have a great night♥

  13. I still need that lost hour too

  14. Farmsuite Mom of four girls here popping over via Small Town Mommy's place.

    I feel ya.

  15. Too funny. I hate the lost hour, as well. Not only do I drag for weeks after but my children can't understand why it's light at bedtime and dark when I wake them for school!


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