Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I Am Re-thinking Using Craigslist

My husband and I have used Craigslist a few times for some of our larger items we wanted to get rid of. We tried to help my Mother-In-Law sell some of my Father-In-Law's medical equipment after he passed to no avail. For the most part, Craigslist is a crap shoot. Either you get lucky or you don't.

I am typically not a very trusting person. My Dad wanted me to be safe growing up so I think he made me a little (ok, a lot) paranoid and cynical of things and people. But, to his defense "watching my back" has kept me safe.

After I read this story, I WILL NEVER use Craigslist again. The world is a sick place!

TACOMA, Wash. (CBS/AP) Four suspects are charged in a fatal home-invasion robbery linked to a Craigslist ad, according to Washington State officials.
James Sanders, of the Pierce County community of Edgewood, Wash., was fatally shot on April 28 trying to defend his home from robbers who showed up on the pretext of purchasing a diamond ring he had advertised on the online classified site.
Sanders' wife, Charlene, told reporters last week how the people who pretended to be interested in buying a ring, robbed and beat her family and shot her husband.

"I had a gun to the back of my head with a countdown - three, two - and I'm just screaming and my kids are standing there, and I'm saying, please, God, don't let them kill me, don't let them kill my kids," she said.

She said her husband was shot trying to protect her 14-year-old son who was being pistol-whipped. James Sanders died in his wife's arms.

"I just kept saying 'honey please stay with me, stay with me, stay with us, don't go, don't go,' and he was just barely gasping for air," she said. "They took the love of my live."

Three of the suspects Kiyoshi A. Higashi, 22, and Joshua N. Reese, 20, both of Tacoma, along with Amanda C. Knight, 21, of Sumner, were arrested on May 1 during a traffic stop in California.

Officials say the fourth suspect, Clabon Berniard, 23, turned himself in to authorities on Thursday after being sought on a nationwide arrest warrant.

Investigators say they believe the people responsible for Sanders' death are also responsible for an April 25 robbery at a Lake Stevens home, north of Seattle, where the family had offered a TV for sale on Craigslist.

All four suspects are charged with first-degree murder, robbery and assault.

Knight appeared Wednesday in Pierce County Superior Court in tears and pleaded not guilty to all charges and was ordered held on $2 million bail.

Charlene Sanders was in court for Knight's appearance and called the whole experience "a nightmare" and told KOMO-TV, "When I saw her I started to shake."

She said earlier her 14-year-old son is recovering and both he and her 10-year-old son miss their father.


  1. I don't buy anything from these folks. Never did trust this place. It's ripe for those looking for an opportunity to steal or worse. In this case it turned into a nightmare for this family. What a shame. :(

  2. So sad - just trying to sell something to make a few extra dollars. I still use Craigslist but I'm always cautious.

  3. Very scary. My heart goes out to these people and the others that have had serious problems. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Its so unfortunate that we cant trust anyone these days. My heart is just breaking that this happened in front of the kids. So sad.

  5. That is awful! My husband sold fishing rod holders on there, but met the person 30 miles from our home to do the sale. No way would he give out our home address.

  6. How awful! This world is, indeed, full of sick, twisted assholes. I hope the criminals end up in jail, and bend over to pick up their dropped bar of soap in the shower stall. (And that's being NICE.)

  7. OMG that is horrible! That poor family. I can't believe people today. Is nothing safe anymore?

  8. I saw this article as well and will NEVER use craigslist again... you really never know anymore... it is so sad!!!

  9. I heard about this. Craigslist kind of scares me. It isn't any different from advertising in a newspaper but somehow you always hear stories about things that happen on Craigslist.

  10. WOW how horrible and scary!!!!!!!!!!! That is just aweful!!!! I am so glad we have never posted anything on craigslist. I have heard not so good things about that site so I have stayed away from it. That poor family!! :(

  11. That is too close to home, living just an hour from there, I will never ever use craigslist again.

  12. That is so scary! It's not far from where my brother and his wife live, and I have some friends in Edgewood. That's one of the reasons I prefer to use eBay (in spite of the fees) over Craigslist - I don't want strangers coming to the house just because they *might* buy something. Too many crazy people out there!


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