Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do Good Day - My Humble Day

Yesterday was just amazing. My girls and I set out to go downtown Chicago to the Ronald McDonald House. I was so excited to be able to show my girls how important it is to "pay it forward". All these years I have known about the Ronald McDonald House, but never really known what it does.

The Ronald McDonald House allows families to stay close to their children while they in the hospital. The house runs purely on donations to take care of the house and these families.

The House itself was just beautiful. The event itself turned out wonderfully. We were able to serve the families lunch and make their day a little easier.

77 Kids had given each of us money to pass out randomly during our day. My girls and I were so amazed at how hard it was. Most of the strangers didn't want to take the money. They were confused, felt that there were strings attached or just plain didn't trust us. We did manage to pass all the money out, but it was really hard explaining to my 10 and 6 year old why the world is such an un-trusting place. The few people who were truly grateful had such a wonderfully surprised look on their face that was priceless. My girls got it the meaning of the whole day just by an expression of gratitude and surprise.

It felt really great to help others. But, my own lesson for the day can be summed up in two words:

humility & gratefulness

Here is what I told my girls yesterday:

Life isn't always easy. They will always be others that have more than you and less than you. There will always be stresses in life. It doesn't matter if they are financial or otherwise. But, we as a family are so lucky to have all four of our girls healthy and at home with us. I am grateful for what I do have and so blessed.

I would like to thank 77 Kids for running such a wonderful campaign and I would also like to thank Emily and Cooper from The Motherhood for allowing me to be part of such an inspiring and wonderful day!

Disclosure: I was engaged by The Motherhood and 77kids by American Eagle to participate in this project and I was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not affected by my relationship with the sponsor.


  1. You know, I probably would have been skeptical too! It was a cool experience you got to play a part in!

  2. That is so awesome! When I was a teen right out of HS, the store I worked in (McDonbald's) collected money one November to buy and deliver Christmas presents to the closest RMHouse, which was in NYC. It was such a wonderful experience. Even twenty years later, I still remember how happy those kids were.

  3. Princess Nagger and I ran into some non-trusting people when we were handing out our dollar bills, too - but she took great delight in the elderly people that kept trying to give her the money back for her piggy bank. I was so proud when she insisted they keep it! :)

  4. What a lesson to share with your children! Have a great weekend! Stopping from Mom Loop!

  5. What a great experience and lesson that was for your kids!

    Hey, I'm just outside of Chicago (burbs)--are you near here?? Love to meet you someday. Lola (Lola's Diner) and I are like the official greeters to bloggers coming to Chicago!

  6. What a wonderful way for your kids to learn about giving back. Awesome. I've probably said this before, but your oldest looks so grown up! She's beautiful.

  7. Lydia, it was SO nice to meet you and your two girls last week! =)

    You summed it up so perfectly and wonderfully too!


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