Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 More Days Until......

None of us will be healthy again until next June.

We will all be suseptible to every germ. They should call it going back to germs not back to school.

We will all have to get up early again and not able to sleep in.

The school district will dictate the next 10 months of my life.

I will be packing lunches again every day.

The fighting will be cut down in half.

My yelling will be cut down in half.

I will put on a brave face while taking them to the bus stop.

I will pretend I am excited for them to go.

I will cry all the way home from the bus stop.

I will miss all three of my girls madly.

I wish I could start the summer all over again.

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  1. Wait until the get old enough to go off to college.

  2. Oh that is so sweet! Did you show them this post? I bet it would make their day. **hugs**

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  3. Wait, wasn't it you that didn't want the kids home all summer? All the finding things for them to do. All the bickering and such? Wasn't that you? I'm thinking so.

    Okay, you only get to cry all the way home and as soon as you close the door behind you...it's time for the happy dance. A quiet home. Order, peace and all that other great stuff.

    Have a terrific day and enjoy your babies. Big hug. :)

  4. Yes, Sandee that was me a few months ago freaking out about what to do with them. Now I will be lost without them! :)


  5. Hi Lydia.
    I can't believe that the kids are heading back already. Wow.
    Take care.

  6. Awww...you'll be fine. :) Big hugs!

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  8. Why would you cry? Think of the less fights, think of them spending time with their friends, think of them learning, think of them growing, think of you getting more adult time.

    How old are you kids? You said back to school, so I'm assuming they're not all 3 triplets going to school for the first time?

    I always shared my daughters excitement, she loved school so much she could hardly wait to get there.


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  10. I know just what you mean! I am missing my 2 girls already and we still have about 2 more weeks...My oldest is going to be in her last year of high school and just talking about university is making me tear up (in secret) -

  11. Mine started yesterday, and I don't miss them at all! I am enjoying the time for myself. Is that horrible? lol!

  12. Mine start tomorrow and I'm dreading it. But I bet soon enough I'll enjoy the peace and quiet! Good luck to you in 8 days!

  13. We start Monday. I'm kind of looking forward to it, except for the waking up and car lines and ohmygod they're going to be sick all the damn time...I can't believe another summer is done over with and gone. Sigh.

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