Thursday, August 26, 2010

Epic Motherhood FAIL

Yesterday was the first day of school for my two oldest daughters. We have been preparing for this for weeks. I am grateful that they are both so excited to go, even though I know that their enthusiasm will fade by Friday.

Everything was set and ready to go. Excitement and nerves ran ramped through the house the night before.  I was ready for this. The lunch packing, the paper signing, the school supplies that magically weren't on the list but needed to be bought. R-E-A-D-Y I tell ya!

The morning went smoother than I had anticipated. I won't lie and say I wasn't totally nervous. Mostly because my 7 year old suffers from Anxiety and I am so worried about her. But, I kept it together.

Coffee - check
Breakfast - check
Clothes - check
Lunches Packed - check
Got to the bus stop on time - check

For the first time in years I didn't cry when they got on the bus. Yes, I am one of those Moms. No matter how old they are I keep strong until that walk home for the bus stop and I shed tears for my babies.  This year I didn't cry. I think I might have actually had a skip in my step!! :) It  has been a LONG summer here.

I went about my morning with my four year old and two year old until it hit me like a ton of paralyzing bricks! I forgot to give my 7 year old her anxiety medication!!!!!!!!

REALLY? Only the most important thing on the whole earth that has to be done every morning and I forgot!

I grabbed up my little ones and went racing to the school to drop off her pill. My daughter was not phased but I was a wreck. I thought I had it all together and I forgot the most important thing. I decided to cut myself some slack once I saw lunches, lunch money, school supplies and various other things that other Mom's had dropped off because they forgot to.

How did your first day of school go with your kids?



  1. Bwahahahahaha. Sorry but I thought this was rather funny. Do you know how many tales just like this are played out on the first day of school? Too many to mention. You haven't got your rhythm down yet so don't be so hard on yourself. You are out of practice. It's just that simple.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. At least everything turned out well, I once forgot to send my son's epipen with him on a campout with my parents. We're just human.

  3. Hugs hun! Glad things worked out okay - and your dd wasn't phased... I'm sure that the second day of school went just as smoothly -
    for us here, we've been at this school thing a week... older child is still having trouble transitioning back to school sleeping patterns and has a healthy dose of allergies on top of everything else... so she's been weepy and mildly more annoying than usually annoying during the last week... DS had to change some routines and that is finally starting to go well... so we're hopeful that the second week of school will put us on a more even keel here...

  4. LOL, your daughter was fine so maybe YOU should have taken the pill! ;)

  5. We still haven't had the first day of school so to me, you are just taunting. It has been a very long summer here and I can't believe it is finally almost over. I am impressed that you got as much together as you did. I will be lucky if each child ends up on her correct bus.

  6. By the way, I just realized I was not following your blog on Facebook so I have remedied that.


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