Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Join Swagbucks Now And Get 70 Swagbucks To Start!

Search & Win

I have recently joined Swagbucks and I can't say enough about it.

I have had so much fun with it and if you join today you can start off with 70 swagbucks right away! As soon as you join you get an automatic 30 swagbucks and until August 15th if you sign up as a new member and enter the code: BACKTOSCHOOL you will receive another 40 swagbucks! This is a super way to start off!

You might ask, what is Swagbucks? The easiest way to explain it is: Search, Earn & Redeem.

When you search with their toolbar you get paid in Swagbucks. It's roughly amounts to 5 swagbucks=$1.00. There are many ways to earn them and most are really fun! I am getting paid to search for things on the internet, which I already do!

You can earn swagbucks by searching, entering contests, and finding codes on Facebook and Twitter. There are so really great and attainable prizes such as an Amazon Gift Card.

If you would like to join I would love for you to sign up using my referral code.

Also, if you join using my referral code you can get an extra 10 entries in all of my giveaways!



  1. Feel free to post your link on my weekly Blog hop to get more followers!!


  2. I tried to sign up using your promotion code and it told me it wasn't valid. Am I entering it wrong? I am going to hold off until I make sure I have the correct code. I am not going to turn down free stuff :).

  3. Have fun with Swagbucks.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  4. I joined awhile back and couldn't get into it. Maybe I will revisit that. I think I missed the whole toolbar search piece. Hope all is well.


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