Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cue Sticks Review

On top of maintaining my house, raising four kids, looking for a job, writing on my blog and just trying to live my life, I am also trying to loose weight. With all that I have going on it is hard to find the time and most importantly the energy to fight the good fight. I have recently lost 6 pounds, but I am looking to loose at least 30.

When I was approached for this review it couldn't be more perfect. I always need motivation and this was it!

Cue Sticks motivational stickers and temporary tattoos are a fun, unique product that is used to inspire people when they need it the most. Their products can be used to help people of any age reach their goals at any time or any place.

When I first got the Cue Sticks temporary tattoos I thought I would be using them for myself. But, I found an even better use of them. The first day of school was approaching and my girls were feeling very unsure of themselves and sad to be leaving me for the day.

It occurred to me that my girls could take a part of me with them to school. Out of all of my girls, my 7 year old was the most upset. She doesn't deal with change well and school is always a challenge. I told her she could do it and that I would be with her all day. Here is what she choose.

It worked like a charm. She had a wonderful first day and didn't shed a tear. I was so happy.

I did the same for my four year old when her first day of preschool came.

My 10 year old even thought these were a great idea. She wanted something to motivate her as well.

The first day of school was successful for all three of my girls. It was so nice to have something to share with them for the day.

Cue Sticks motivational tattoos and stickers can be used for so many occasions. Such as:

*  Reaching personal goals

*  Improving your health and fitness

*  Helping your children through tough times

*  Life celebrations

Both the stickers and tattoos are only $3.99 a pack with free shipping!

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Disclosure: I was provided Cue Sticks tattoos to write a review. All opinions are my own.


  1. What a really cute idea. I am glad that they worked for the girls. The first day of school can be quite a challenge.

  2. Really, the one with the "you'll be okay," message made me tear up!

    So cute!


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