Monday, January 24, 2011

Making Money Monday - Swagbucks

Search & Win

To continue from last Making Monday's post, I wanted to share with you another way that I have actually earned money. I have made $25 dollars in gift cards through Swagbucks. I started about 6 months ago and I just love it!

They have a lot of other things and gift cards you can cash in for, but I love Amazon and all the daily deals they have. The gift cards I earn help to pay for the deals I purchase from them. 

At the end of last year there were so many other bloggers that were saving up all year to use their gift cards for Christmas. I am going to try and do that this year. 

The best way to earn Swagbucks is to use their search engine anytime you need to search something on the web.  It combines both Google and  I would recommend uploading the Swagbucks Toolbar.  Sometimes you will get free swagbucks just for being signed in to your toolbar.  Plus, it is easier to use the search engine if it is at the top of your page ready to go.

You will get rewarded points for searches you do.  Sometimes you will earn and sometimes you won't.  But the points start adding up.  And, once you get to 450 Swagbucks, you will get a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card. Save up 2,350 Swagbucks and get a $20 Target Gift Card.  Or save up 5,900 Swagbucks and get a $50 Amazon Gift Card! 

Also, make sure to become a fan on Facebook. If you are a Facebook Fan of Swagbucks and really want to earn points quicker, they share information on there to help you know where extra Swagcodes are listed. You just enter them into your account and you will get more Swagbucks.

This is ENTIRELY Free!  I haven't paid a dime and I started using Swagbucks myself last year! 

This is the easiest way to get paid to search the internet. Something you and I both do every day. 

So, sign up here and get started! 

Once you get set up make sure to forward this post to your friends and let them know they can do the same thing. You can give them your referral link from your account and every time they earn Swagbucks, you do too!

Friday are Mega Swagbuck Fridays. They give out higher value points every Friday!

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  1. Following you from the Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop! Happy Monday!

  2. I think it's great to have that incentive to save for Christmas. It can be such an expensive time of year even though it's really supposed to be enjoyable.


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