Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcoming In The New Year

Isn't it funny how when the new year rolls around you have a mental sense of having a "clean slate". On one hand I LOVE IT! On the other, I tend to put more pressure on myself to get more done in less time and learn from last year's mistakes. The one thing I don't need more of in my life is pressure.

So, this year I will look at things differently. I still have a "clean slate". But, instead of overwhelming myself with everything at once I am going to take every day as it comes. I do want to focus on several aspects. Hopefully, I can put them all into perspective.

My health and well being is first on my list this year. When Momma is  happy, everyone is happy.

Working on getting a head of my finances will be on going.

Continuing to save money with coupons is an ongoing job.

Just being more organized in general is a huge goal. I usually get flustered with this one. There is always so much going on with four kids, bills house, health, etc.

I hope my new approach to things helps me. I need to relax and take one day at a time with one challenge at a time.



  1. Oh, boy. I certainly understand this post! May 2011 be everything you hope it will be :)

  2. Good luck with 2011. There is something satisfying about a clean slate. I hope you have a fabulous year!

  3. I had your friday follow on my blog hop.
    But I havent seen it for a few weeks, so Im removing it!
    If you start it back up you would like it back on please just let me know!

  4. Hi, I'm already a follower. Stop by and add your blog to the Blogging Hints Directory. I've already added your blog hop to the Daily Blog Hops linky.


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