Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OMG The TXT Has Started

Considering we didn't have half the electronic things growing up that are children do these days, is it hard to figure out when to buy them and allow them to use them.

I bought a basic phone for my daughter when she was 10 for emergencies. She has her younger sister with her and I thought it would be a good idea to be able to get a hold of her.

Now that she is 11 we upgraded to a better phone and phone plan (thank God!). She can text now.  I think the first week she had it she was glued to it 24/7.  It has slowed since just because my husband and I have realized we need to make boundaries for her with it.

All I can say is the best purchase I have made in a long time is unlimited family texting. Otherwise I would probably have to take out a second mortgage just to keep up with my phone bill!!

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  1. Oh yea...I hear ya on that! We are big family plan people around here! And I'm the texting fool with my kids: Where are you? When will you be home? (and in the case with my oldest who is driving now....Can you pick up bread and milk on your way home?)

    I love our cell phones. It's a way that I can keep in contact with my kids all day long. I have no idea how my mother ever did it when I was growing up. I mean, I would say, "Bye, Mom!" and walk out the door at 9am...only to be seen again at dinner time. Where did I go? Who was I with? What if I were late coming home?

    Thanks for the visit and the follow! I'm your newest follower now :)


    I just could never handle that...

  2. When we retired we pretty much gave up all the electronics. I'm happy about it too since they rang, buzzed and whatever else they did 24/7. I was never so happy to see them go.

    I can relate as to how expensive they can be though. We have two granddaughters who can't function without their cell phones.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  3. I'm so glad Little Bit is only 14 months old and I dont have to deal with these things yet. Good luck with those boundaries!

  4. Unlimited texting is a MUST...especially with kids...period, end of story! LOL!

    I've missed you!! I'm so behind on my blog reading and what not...glad you linked up with FMBT this week so I could drop in and say hello.


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  6. We have the same texting plan also, between me, my husband and our son that's weeks from turning 12 we text sooooo much and yes we'd be taking out a second mortgage as well!!! LOL


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