Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be Kind To Earth Day!

Every day should be "B Kind 2 Earth Day". But, this year on Friday, April 22nd it is the official day.

My daughters have off of school so we decided to come up with a few things we could do to help with this wonderful day:

1. Clean the house with some of the great "green" products we have found at the store.

2. Try and come up with something for dinner that is "green".

3. Walk around our area and pick up garbage to make the neighborhood look nicer.

What will you do to help?


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  1. My friend is planning on taking her girls and walking around their neighborhood tomorrow to pick up trash! Have a great weekend. Stopped in for the hop. I'll check back again later! I've started a new weekend hop also, if you'd like to stop by!


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