Saturday, April 9, 2011

Florida's Natural Orange Juice Review

Florida's Natural Orange Juice is the only premium made exclusively with Florida fruit. Florida's Natural (a division of Citrus World, Inc) is a co-op of 13 citrus growers in central Florida, who have been working together for over 75 years to bring us the freshest, not from concentrate, made from ONLY Florida oranges (never imported), Orange Juice in the USA.

When I buy orange juice for my family it usually seems to be such a hard decision. There are so many kinds, brands, not from concentrate, concentrated. After doing some research for this review I learned a lot about what I am looking for in an orange juice. I didn't really think about the amount of energy that is wasted by having to import fruit/juice from other countries until now. I was quite impressed with how much Florida's Natural is doing to help the environment beyond simply producing their own citrus--solar power, water conservation, natural gas, green space and recycle-able packaging are just some of the areas Florida's Natural is helping the environment. Plus, with the US economy they way it is, purchasing a product that is completely American Made just makes sense to me.

I was given a free sample of Florida's Natural Not from Concentrate Orange Juice with no pulp to try out with my family. All 6 of us enjoyed the fresh, pure flavor of it. We prefer our Orange juice with no pulp, but Florida's Natural also has other juices as well.

Check out Florida's Natural for more details on their juice, their history and some fun games. And next time you are shopping for orange juice, check for yourself to see where those oranges are coming from, you just might be surprised. I know I will be reaching for Florida's Natural next time I buy orange juice.

Disclosure: provided me a  sample coupon used for this review.  All thoughts are my own. 


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  1. Florida's Natural is the best in taste, quality, organic naturalness, & price. Let's support our American neighbors and workers and buy only Florida's Natural, if you buy & drink orange juice.


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