Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On The Verge Of A Dresscode

As most of my readers know I have four daughters. My oldest is 11 and just went into 6th grade.
She goes to public school because we can't afford private. She is a modest girl. She won't wear dresses or skirts. She isn't a tom boy, I would say more goth than anything and I only say that because she loves black. She isn't allowed to wear makeup, except for a glossy lip stuff. She is just starting to get into some of the name brands and I am ok with that. She knows that most of it is expensive and I will buy it on special occasions.

But then there is the rest of the world? Parents - where in the hell are you shopping and why???????
These young girls look like gang bangers or bikers girlfriends at 11! WTH are you thinking? I don't even see these kind of clothes when I am shopping. I am no prude, but seriously people they are only 11. Most girls don't even dress that way at 16.

Our society makes me sad. One more thing I feel I have to keep my daughter from - too much sexuality at 11.



  1. I saw the story about the little girls lingerie controversy recently.....I dont' get it....why we are sexualizing our children.......it's really sad

  2. There is too much sexuality at 5! I can't believe what they are selling for kids these days. Ugh. Especially girls. Stick to your guns, mom. You can have her dress really cute without looking like a whore--believe me. I would buy a few key pieces at Justice 4 Girls (on sale) and build around them. They have nice clothes, that are hip enough for her, but safe enough for you. Sometimes the extra money is worth it if everyone is happy.

  3. Keep doing what you are doing honey. You are doing it right. You are the parent.

    Have a terrific day and a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Big hugs. :)

  4. I just said today that I think God gave me sons because he knew I couldn't handle little girls trying to dress so sexually at such young ages! Seriously, the short short shorts, skirts, low cut tops...on little girls11-17! UGH!


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