Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday #3

I just LOVE Jimmy Fallon. One of the best sketches ever is his, "Thank You Notes". They are usually on Friday nights. If you have never seen one you have to watch the clip above.

I decided to make a meme based off this and even though it won't be as good as his writers, I hope I can make them funny. Please join in! If you end up posting your own, please let me know!

Thank you.......

3D for introducing your younger brother 4D. Because 3D wasn't annoying enough on the big screen.

TV commercials for playing/pushibg the same two shows you really want us to see. I won't watch either.

Oxi Clean for really working on the wine I spilled the other night.

School for finally starting up again!!!!!!!!!

Obviously MARvelous


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  1. Hilarious! The mothers day TY and the wiener one is my favorite! Maybe you should write for them your #D one was funny! :)


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