Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You Notes Thursday - #1

I just LOVE Jimmy Fallon. One of the best sketches ever is his, "Thank You Notes". They are usually on Friday nights. If you have never seen one you have to watch the clip above.

I decided to make a meme based off this and even though it won't be as good as his writers, I hope I can make them funny. Please join in! If you end up posting this, please join the linky and I will come and read them.

Thank you.......

Kate Middleton for helping to cointhe term "refashionista". I think this it is so cool that you wear the same clothes twice just like the rest of us.

Oreos for coming up with a new flavor - Neopolitan. Like it isn't hard enough to choose a flavor as it is at the grocery store. We really needed another.

Charlie Sheen for being the butt of some really great jokes and sayings. Go away now.

Casey Anthony. Thank you for reminding us that evil does still roam the earth.

Ashton Kutchner. Thank you for taking the Two And A Half Men job. Like we don't get you shoved down our throats every day anyway.

To the writers of "The Office".  For giving us Dwight to make fun of every day.


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  1. Oh he's funny as heck. We don't have television so I'd not seen him before. Wicked sense of humor indeed.

    I miss you too.

    Have a terrific weekend. Hugs. :)


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