Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Am A Fashion Faux Pas

Ok, so who came up with the rule that you can't wear white after Labor Day? I think this is the worst idea ever. I live for white capri pants during the summer. It is very hard to get them off of me when this time of  year comes. Not to mention all white shoes I have. Really?

I am stubborn and I won't stop wearing white until I am ready. I am ok with being a walking fashion faux pas.

How about  you? Do you put all your white away on time?

Obviously MARvelous



  1. Do you girl. Those rules are from the ancient days. New follower from the blog hop. Thanks for stopping by my site :0)

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  3. I can't conform and do the no white rule. It's ridiculous. Let's wear our white and put this nonsense to bed!

  4. I hear you. I love wearing white, any time.

  5. I'm not allowed to wear white during any season due to my inability to keep staining foodstuffs off my person. ;) How've you been?

  6. I still wear the flip-flops and sandals while the weather is still warm. But I have put away the white capris. I put them away so I won't be tempted to wear them just one last time....


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