Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Miss Being A Stay At Home Mom

It has been awhile since I worked full time outside of my home. I have worked quite a few part-time jobs so I could spend the time raising my girls. Just this past January I started working full time for a major corporation. It is been an even longer time since I have been back into the corporate world.
Now that I am in “Corporate America” again, I have to play by all the company rules. This makes me miss my time at home even more. It is hard being the boss of your day and then having someone else tell you how your day will be scheduled. So, as I sit here I have come up with the “Top 5 Things I Miss Most About Being A Stay At Home Mom”.

1.My Kids – No one can ever prepare a mother from being away from their child or children. First, the guilt is crazy. Even though I am out working and making money for the family it is still one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I miss seeing their faces in the morning, even if they are crabby! I miss having that time with them as they get off the bus before they start homework. Hearing bits and pieces about their day and what great things happened to them. I just miss those small moments that I don’t seem to get as often anymore. Lesson learned. Don’t take one minute for granted that you have with them. They grow up in a blink of an eye. 

2. Naps – Yes, I said it. There were days that were impossibly long because the nights were super long as well. Not to mention the "sick days" that a Mom is not allowed to take. We are on call 24/7/365. 

3. Laundry Schedule - I have to make a schedule every week when to do laundry instead of doing it whenever the piles seemed to big. This works, but it works better when you are available to do it when it is piled up. 

4. Making Dinner - I have gotten pretty good at meal preparation ahead of time, but it is much easier to be around to crock pot which ever day you want instead of picking certain days that Grandma is here watching the girls. Now it takes a lot of organization and before it was easier just to be able to make what I felt.

5. Scheduling My Own Day - In "Corporate America" I am forced to get up when it is time to go to work. I am forced to go home when it is said it is time to go home. When you are at home your time is your own. I long for the days where I could clean my house on my own time, do my laundry on my own terms and not on my weekends. I wish my children's school schedule dictated my time instead of my job. 

While I am completely grateful for my job, I still have regrets for not being home with my babies. There just to be so much I am missing. Even though I need to make money for our family I still can't get over the time that I am missing. I cherish each moment I have with all of them.



  1. There are some days I wish I could go back to work. But then I think of the things you listed and I'm completely content :)

  2. I stayed home until I was "down-sized." --and even then, I only work up to 30 hours a week. I guess I'm lucky with being able to call my own schedule. The place I work is beastly, but that freedom is what keeps me there. Like you, I really miss my kids and being their mom full-time. Even now, with both in college--I find they still need me every now and then.

  3. I need some money, but haven't had a "real" job in 20 years, I'm scared...lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again :) hope you're doing well.

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