Wednesday, March 23, 2016

20 Things Parents Of 4+ Will Understand

Being a parent of four is quite a challenge. But, if you are a parent of four or more you will completely understand the following list:

1.  You are never alone- the bathroom, your bedroom, the grocery store, you name it and you will never be alone again.

2.  Laundry is a struggle of it's own- having six bodies of clothes is close to impossible. There is ALWAYS laundry to do.

3.  Screaming is normal- The first and second child is normal when they scream. They yell, you yell that is how it works. Come the third and fourth child it just becomes the norm.

4.  Expecting the worst- When you hear, "Mom, guess what?" You automatically just assume the worst. Everything becomes the worst case scenario.

5.  The house is  a war zone- Living with four kids is like living in a frat house. The mess, the laundry, the noise, the chaos.

6. No one can ever decide on what TV channel to watch- Having so many different ages makes picking one show quite impossible. There is always fighting in my house over this. There is not enough TVs in the house to keep everyone happy.

7.  You have to buy four of everything- Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day just to name a few. Shirts, socks, underwear, how can you only buy for one. You always have to make it even and buy for four.

8.  There is not point in buying any electronics- Not only do you have to buy four of everything but you can never keep up with the latest and greatest.

9.  The grocery bill costs more than life itself- Feeding a family of six is like spending one whole check on one grocery shopping trip.

10.  You can have four favorite kids- It is hard to have a favorite. So, like I tell my girls they are all my favorite.

11.  Alone time isn't a thing- EVER.

12.  Slepp is rare and when you get it it's like heaven- There always seems to be somebody up who needs something.

13.  Work is mandatory- I would love to be a stay at home Mom. There is so much going on every single day but, unfortunately the bills add up and working is a must.

14.  Your last born gets away with murder - If my first born did it I would freak out. By time the fourth one does it you don't even flinch.

15.  I have never seen so much toilet paper in my life- I have to buy more toilet paper in one year than you can imagine.

16.  You can never  have too much wine- Screw therapy. All I need is my wine.

17.  Being lonely is a good thing- There really isn't any such thing as being lonely. Being alone is rare.

18.  There are socks everywhere. Everywhere.- And they don't match!!

19.  Road trips are close to impossible- Getting everybody in one place at the same time is a funny one. Not to mention getting everyone to decide on where to go and how to pack for the trip. Being in the car is a whole other story. One wants music the other wants a DVD. Let's just say road trips are few and far between.

20. Being on time somewhere is just not gonna happen-Never ever.


  1. I can see a thread here that keeps repeating itself. Being along. Having something that is just you and no one else. I can so relate. I remember never being alone.

    Have a fabulous day Lydia. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

    1. You got that right, Sandee. There is no down town on being on Mommy or alone time! LOL
      Big hugs!

  2. I have five! I can relate to so much ha ha!

    1. I am sure we have so much in common, Gail!


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