Finally some progress…

Remember the purple fairy doll I asked for your help on?  Well I finally made some progress…not much but none the less some…She was started around Christmas and was going to be a sugar plum fairy.  Well since it’s almost spring and I’m getting impatient, I decided to make her a spring flower fairy.  She is still without arms but finally has a tutu!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out.  I bought some silk flowers and pulled them apart.   I sewed the petals around her waist and now she is ready to dance!
Ok, now to come up with some wings and of course some arms 🙂
I have about four projects started and just can’t seem to focus on just one.  Hopefully I find the focus to actually finish one so I can share it with you!

We got eggs!

A lot has been going on around here, so much so that I feel like I have not posted much lately.  School is in full swing with my daughter who just turned 8 (last Friday) in third grade and my baby in Pre-K.  Pre-K is only two and a half hours a day, and we live out of town a little bit, so I feel like I spend my days going back and forth into town dropping off and picking op the kids.  But anyways, I have to admit, I let the garden get out of control and now its more like a jungle, but we did find our very first pumpkin, planted by my son.

As far as other veggies, we got tons of radishes and peas earlier, lots and lots of tomatos, but my cucumbers did not do so well this year….oh well looks like I will not be pickling this year.

If you have been following the renegade chicken saga, I have an update for you.  Due to continuously setting a bad example for my other hens, and constantly flying up to the top of the pen and jumping down on the neighbors side of the fence, I had to clip her wings.  This is not painful or inhumane, consider it a little haircut.  I trimmed the long feathers on her wings so she can no longer fly.  Since then the coop has been a peaceful place.

I was pleasantly surprised to find eggs in my coop the other day.  I was expecting the hens to start laying anytime now since they are 6 months old, and one has, one of my Rhode Island Reds.  I can’t wait until the Auracanas follow suit, they lay bluish greenish colored eggs.  What I was not expecting yet was eggs from my ducks, but at least one has started laying.  I thought I read that they start at 9 months, so now I have to do some more research.  And just to clear up any confusion, duck eggs taste just like chicken eggs.

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and I am super excited because we are taking a mini vacation to Wisconsin Dells.  This will be a much needed break and family time for all of us.  Due to my husbands long hours at work (we are not complaining at all) we just did not have a chance to do too much over the summer so we are going to have one last hurrah before the nice weather is gone.




Cookie Bonanza

Its been a little crazy around here the past week.  Our Girl Scout cookies came in and had to be picked up and distributed.  Did I mention the girls sold over 100 cases of cookies?  For a first timer with no training, and not having all the information at the beginning, this was a challenge (still is…collecting money).  Hopefully at the end everything adds up…or is really close 🙂

Besides all this, we had spring break and round of some kind of stomach flu.  My husband found out that he again will be coaching little league, and this year for the first time, soccer.  Busy spring and summer is coming!  The troop learned about being friendly and helpful at our last meeting.  We also did a spring/Easter project of planting daisy seeds in little clay pots, gluing on a little wooden daisy and using a pipe cleaner to make the flower pot look like a basket.  Still trying to find some neat games that we can play.
The yard cleanup has been going a bit slow due to really windy weather.  Everytime we clean up the leftover fall leaves, more blow over from the neighbors house (who might I add, did not rake any of their fall leaves…and we have tons of trees…grr)
But TImmy’s planting project has sprouted Yay!

My Chickens Have a New Home

As many of you know I have been raising chickens for some time, and we have pretty much stuck to standard breed chicks up until this year.  We decided to add some little bantams to our backyard flock this past spring but we wanted to keep them separate from our standards.  I knew we always had the option of building the second chicken coop, but between not being sure about size and style, as well as not having any free time as it is PLUS the hassle of buying all the materials, finding a pre-made coop was exactly the right choice for us.  Horizon Structures generously offered to send me one of their amazing coops and I was so excited when it arrived!

There were actually two more coops at the other end of this trailer and I thought they looked so cute pulling up to the house.  The driver was really helpful with unloading and helping us get it to the right spot in the back yard.  Since all of Horizon Structure’s coops come fully assembled, it was only a matter of getting it to where we wanted it.
The coop is perfectly adorable and I love it! This is called the 5 x 6 chicken coop and is designed to house up to 15 birds.  The ground where we set it up was not level so we had to put something under one side, but I have already started planting hostas and ferns around it to make it even more cute.  Horizon Structures offers many options and add ons to their coops, everything from paint colors to dawn to dusk doors, you can even put it on wheels so that it can be moved easily.  I chose the colors on my coop as well as the color of the shingles on the roof.
Someone could not wait to get it ready and more the chickens in.  She even asked if she could sleep in there!
Here is a picture of the inside (with a handful of straw lol).  There are two windows that open and close on the right, underneath those there are nesting boxes that are also accessible from the outside of the coop.  To the left is their little roosting area and above that is an additional ventilation window that can open and close.  I will have to do a full video tour to show all the great features that this coop has.  I love that it is raised off of the ground, it makes it much easier to clean in there.
Here they all are checking out their new home, aren’t they cute?  My bantams are still pretty small, and won’t be nearly as big as standard chickens, this makes them an easier target for predators.  This chicken coop is completely predator safe.  We added a small run on the outside, but will have to replace it with a bigger one once these guys grow up.
I am so happy with our new coop and it looks so nice in our yard, I’m glad we did not attempt to build something ourselves.  You will have to stay tuned for a little video tour and some live footage of this cute little rooster crowing.
Disclosure:  I was sent this beautiful coop by the generous people of Horizon Structures, all opinions and photos are my own. 

Add Some Music To Your Life

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Lessons are available in home, in studio and online via Skype.  This is perfect for busy families who want to cut down on driving around.  There are over 30 different lesson types offered such as guitar, singing, piano, drums, dance and even acting and academic tutoring.  They offer 100% money back guaratee.  Scheduling is flexible and there are no long term contracts.  Lessons are available for all ages young and old and for any level of experience.

Right now you can take advantage of their spring sale. is offering a 20% discount off all lesson packages Friday March 29th through Monday April 1st just use the promo code “SPRINGMUSIC”. You can schedule online or call 855-334-1831 to find out more about pricing and options.


**This post is sponsored by, all opinions are my own