The Truth About Paleo (Or Whatever Diet this is)

A couple of weeks ago my husband said he wanted to try this diet that his friend had a lot of success with, he said he wanted to cut out wheat and see if he could lose some weight.  I immediately jumped on the bandwagon because thanks to the holidays I have some extra meat on my bones.  I knew this would be super hard for me because I live on bread and pasta and I have a huge sweet tooth, but I thought I would give it a try.  So it started out as just cutting wheat and sugar but has turned into cutting out all grain and pre-packaged foods, more like the Paleo (Paleolithic, or Cave Man) diet.

Since it has been a little while, I think its safe to say I have learned some truths about this diet, so here goes.

1.  The first few days will be the worst of your life, period.
2.  The cravings go away after about day 5
3.  You will rarely go down about 50% of the food isles at your supermarket
4.  You will be cooking all the time (all the time)
5.  You will have a ton more dishes to do (due to all the cooking)
6.  Your kids may not be so easily persuaded to follow this diet.
7.  There is no way in hell I’m giving up cheese
8.  You will consume a whole lot of eggs, especially if baking something
9.  Your kids will look in the cabinets and say there is no food in this house….because you won’t be buying pre-packaged food, it won’t take up space in the cabinets
10.  People will doubt you
11.  You will doubt yourself
12.  You will cheat at least once
13.  Soon you will realize how much better you feel, how much more energy you have and just how good real, clean food is compared to boxed Mac N Cheese
14.  Best place for Paleo recipes is Pinterest
15.  You may start to see the number on the scale go down, or clothes fitting looser, or your midsection shrinking (hell to the yeah!)
16.  You will wonder why in the world it took you so long to try eating like this
17.  You will also realize that you are now paying less for groceries because its cheaper to buy ingredients and put meals together yourself
18.  You will succeed!

I walked through the bakery section at the store, where normally I would stop and grab some fresh baked french bread, rolls and sandwich bread…..and it felt so good to pass it all by.  I’m sure that I will have ups and downs with this new lifestyle but I am feeling pretty confident that I will stick with it,