Why My Family Loves Oatmeal for Breakfast

 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Quaker and their line of breakfast foods.

We all know that a good breakfast is the key to starting our day.  It is especially important that our kids have healthy choices on the breakfast table, this is why my family loves Quaker products.  Quaker has been committed to fueling healthy families for over a century by giving them great tasting, healthy breakfast choices.

My family is always on the go and we play sports year round, everything from little league to martial arts.  I encourage them to choose at least one sport or physical activity each season so that they stay active and healty.  So with this much activity I have to be sure that when my kids eat breakfast they will have enough fuel to last them through whatever it is that we are tackling that day.  I need to also make sure to get enough fuel myself each morning, so that I have the energy to take them wherever they need to go and cheer them on.  My favorite Quaker breakfast is a hot bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, I swear it tastes even better in the winter when the mornings are cold and dark.  My kids prefer cold cereals so they like to eat Whole Hearts, which also make a great snack on the go (just without the milk of course).  We also keep a stash of Quaker Chewy Granola bars in the car for another quick snack.Quaker’s commitment to fueling healthy families has led them to partner with Major League Soccer club The Chicago Fire.  Quaker is a proud sponsor of The Chicago Fire Juniors which is the clubs youth development program.  This program supports over 10,000 soccer kids and families not only in Chicago but also nation wide.  Soccer is a great sport for boys and girls, both of my kids played soccer and loved it.  It is actually the first sport either of them played.  Soccer teaches kids about teamwork and it is fast paced so that their little attention spans stay interested the entire gameAugust 9th through the 11th, Quaker and The Chicago Fire are hosting The Quaker Invitational which will bring together hundreds of Chicago Fire Juniors teams from around the country.  This will be a weekend filled with soccer, community and lots of fun.  The two teams that win will get a chance to play on The Chicago Fire’s home field in Bridgeview, IL.  Not only that but each player in this tournament will also receive a free game ticket to the Chicago Fire vs. Montreal Impact game at Toyota Park on Saturday Aug. 10th.  I love that Quaker is so involved in this sport and that they support so many soccer families.

If you are looking for some delicious and healthy breakfast options for your family, look no further than the Quaker brand.  They have everything you need for breakfast as well as snacks and their oat based products will keep you full and energized all morning long.